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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Finding Purpose

In case you haven't noticed, I took a break from blogging. I've only been doing this for a few months, and already I had to take a break. Why, you might ask? Well, because life happens, and sometimes when it does we can lose focus and feel like we're floundering.

  • I just completed the most difficult semester so far of my MA in Crisis & Trauma Counseling. I haven't written that much since my "History of the Middle East" class in college!
  • My baby has popped out  seven teeth in the past four months, and she's walking so she's into everything.
  • My husband has been traveling almost every week for work. With great power (promotion)...
  • I traveled to Georgia last week (to see my little brother graduate from the University of Georgia - GO DAWGS!). 

The past few weeks have just been overwhelmingly busy for so many reasons. On top of that, I felt like I needed to take time to reflect on God's will - for this blog and for my life. I needed to refocus and figure out what God wants, and how I fit into His plan. I truly have a passion to share with others, especially women, about how God is speaking in my life.
I know that life as a wife, mother, friend, etc. is not easy. I know that sometimes we cry out to God when we feel overwhelmed and it seems like we're alone in so many ways.

But we're not alone. 
You're not alone

There is so much pressure on moms and wives these days. We all bear labels that, to those who don't know us, define us and carry certain stereotypes that are often unfair. Whether you're a Working Mom, a Stay-At-Home Mom, a Work-From-Home Mom, a Single Mom, a Divorced Mom (the list goes on) doesn't matter, we all struggle to do our absolute best to care for our families. My hope and prayer, and the way in which I feel God is leading me in this blog, is to hopefully speak hope, joy, and peace into your lives no matter what your role as Mom and/or Wife entails.
After talking with God over the past month, I feel renewed in my desire to share my heart with anyone who is willing to read and grow along with me. So if you'll be patient with me, I would love to continue to chat with you about passions, experiences, and life in the most honest way I can and just see how God uses us to impact others. Will you take this journey with me? Grab your coffee (shout-out to tea drinkers too), say a small prayer, and dive into this with me. I don't know where we're going, but I promise to do my best to keep our focus on God. I don't want to do His work, so much as I want Him to work through me. Does that make sense?
As always, I welcome any input you may have and certainly would love to hear what is on your hearts. I will be praying for this blog and for you, the beautiful reader on the other side of this magical thing we call the Internet. I will be praying that God helps us to grow in His love, wisdom, and strength, and that He will grant you peace and success as you work hard to care for your families.   In Matthew 18:20, Jesus says, "For where two or three gather together in My name, there I am with them." I firmly believe that even though we may be miles, states, oceans and continents apart, Jesus will still be with us as we dig into His word and seek His face.
God bless you!

Hapless but hopeful,

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