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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Man Brag Blog, 2d Edition

It's been a long time since I've taken the time to brag on my sweet husband. What better time than Father's day? I like to take every opportunity to brag on my husband and tell the world what a wonderful person he is. I'm not as good at doing it in person, but I've been working on that and that is a blog post for another day. Today I want to share a few of the beautiful things my husband has built, as well as the wonderful ways in which he has built me up as a wife and loved on our small family.

First up are my absolute favorites: my new bookshelves. Aren't they gorgeous?! They're solid wood and he took so much time tending to every angle and detail. Side note - the bookshelves are straight and level, but our floor isn't, so if they seem to lean, it's the floor! They're almost full of books already and I've been teasing him that I may need more soon. Mostly I just love them and would be happy to have a whole room full of them! He did such a good job!

Next is this gorgeous cradle he made for our daughter. We knew having a new baby brother would be an adjustment for her, so he wanted her to have a little baby doll of her own to love. She loves this cradle, although admittedly her stuffed Mickey gets more "nap time" than any of her baby dolls. I love the gentle curves on this and the way that it rocks sweetly so that she can rock her baby dolls. Even my daughter herself has tried to take a nap in it more than once. haha Now I just need to get the little foam mattress and blanket finished...(Obviously my husband is so much better at prioritizing and finishing projects than I am...)

He also completed this sweet little airplane toy. Isn't it adorable?! He used several different models as inspiration, but the final product is of his own imagination. My daughter loves airplanes, pointing out every single one that flies overhead. This toy is the beginning of my husband's foray into toy making, and I hope to have more photos of more toys next time. For now, this one is our favorite (well, my daughter's and mine anyway), and maybe she'll be willing to share this very special little airplane with her brother someday. Maybe. haha

Along the same line, we decided to decorate our little boy's room in the theme of airplanes and flying high among the clouds. For this, my husband made the most precious little airplane mobile and even cut clouds out of composite wood (the letters are from Hobby Lobby). I will do a short post on this nursery at a later date, but for now I just want to share these shots of my husband's hard work. I'm so excited about this room; it's the cutest room for a little boy!

The next little project actually started out as an antique dresser that was given to me by my parents when I was in middle school. It was such a cute little dresser, but being n antique, it didn't survive our many moves very well and has started to literally fall to pieces. My husband is working on repairing it in stages - the first of which was this mirror topper. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the dresser or the topper, so my husband had the brilliant idea to repurpose the topper as an entryway piece. We're going to add hooks on either side of the cubby holes so small children can hang their jackets, but otherwise it is perfect for our small entryway. And I love that I get to keep such a special piece! 

Last but not least is this cool little iPhone/Apple Watch charging station. My husband and I share a hatred of clutter, and cords are no exception. Thus my ingenious hubby came up with this solution after taking inspiration from none other than Pinterest. The final design is all his own, and it's awesome! He said he'll actually be disappointed the next time he upgrades his phone, but it'll give him another chance to innovate. 

I don't want to give the impression that this is all he's done since the last Man Brag Blog - quite the opposite! My husband is constantly working on projects around the house as well as these very special things. We have a wonderful new fence around the backyard, a swing for our toddler in the garage (for those rainy days when the park isn't an option - awesome, right?!), and numerous other things.

On top of that, we have a well-maintained home that reflects the loving care of a diligent husband and father. He spoils us, really he does, and we love him all the more for it. He can't be with us this Father's Day, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to recognize his hard work. I also wanted to publicly thank him for everything he does. We are blessed beyond measure to have him as the head of our family, a beloved husband and Daddy, and the favorite parent if we're honest. haha We love him so!

Until next time I'm...
Hapless but hopeful,

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