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Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to be Fit after Flu

Oh my goodness, we have had our sickest week yet here in the Troja household. I already mentioned my terrible food poisoning last week, followed by my poor husband suffering a horrendous migraine, the symptoms of which lasted several days. Just as he was feeling 100% again, our sweet little L spiked a 102* fever for no discernible reason, turning me into a total Mombie on Friday. By Friday night, I spiked a 103* fever myself and could barely move, let alone care for my precious L. Thankfully, my husband took over and really proved his mettle as the best Daddy ever! My fever broke, but the past two days have been spent clutching a roll of toilet paper (I'd already cleaned us out of Kleenex) and nursing a terrible sore throat and pounding headache. I can only pray that my husband doesn't come down with whatever bug invaded us this week! Yikes!

Despite all the nasty germs floating around our household, I thought this might be a good time to update you on my journey to "healthy wife, happy life." I just started another round of 21 Day Fix with the most fantastic group we've had so far. They are so encouraging, inspiring, and creative when it comes to recipes and on-the-go fitness! Even as I travelled (prior to the food poisoning incident), I was inspired by some of the other ladies to fit in workouts in creative ways. I probably looked like a fool in the supermarket parking lot as I knocked out my "parking lot push-ups" (actually done on the sideboards of my van because parking lots = EW) and "street side step-ups" (also done on the side boards). I called it my "minivan mash-up," and I was pretty proud of it as I posted the video, despite the pink baby doll that goes flying by my head twice as my daughter made infant attempts to communicate "STOP Mommy, you're embarrassing me!"

Little did I know that the night that followed would launch a week of such workouts. Our traveling completely threw off my daughter's schedule, which meant that naps were almost non-existent. Then she got sick, so any sleep at all meant sleeping on Mommy's chest. We had doctor's appointments, Bible studies, and other myriad things to tend to because life doesn't stop for tired Mommies. So I found myself doing wall-sits while I washed my face in the shower, calf raises while I washed/rinsed my hair, squats while I brushed my teeth, and triceps push-ups whenever I went in the bathroom. I did step-ups going up the stairs, I even used L as a makeshift kettle bell once (she LOVED it).

Through all of this, I learned an important lesson that I think really speaks to the spirit of my fitness goals. It's this:

I don't need fancy workouts, cute gym clothes, nutritional supplements or expensive equipment to be healthy. All I really need is a healthy mindset and sheer determination to make it happen. All those other things are fun and good, but they don't define my health, habits, or choices. Only my attitude can do that. 

As part of this lesson, I'm trying to also learn to see myself as God does. This has always been a battleground for me, and one Satan claws at viciously every chance he gets. Sadly, I think this is true for so many women because we are emotionally vulnerable by nature. But a large part of changing our attitudes is changing how we view ourselves. We have to "take captive every thought" (2 Cor 10:5). Dr. Caroline Leaf, a renowned cognitive neuroscientist who just so happens to also be a Christian, has proven through years of intensive research that if we develop the habit of thinking positively, through prayer and other means, we can literally change the physical composition of our brains. It's true! Look it up on her website: She's even spoken at TEDx, so you KNOW she's cool (joking, but I do enjoy watching TED videos sometimes...). This is also a crucial part of my Bible study last week on the helmet of salvation. Salvation is not just a one-time thing; it's a piece of armor that is used to actively protect our minds and thoughts from the lies of the Devil. But more on that later! 

So this month in my fitness journey has been about not letting circumstances get me down. Heck, all this sickness helped me lose another 4 pounds! That'll all come back once I can stomach more than buttered toast and tea, but still...I've learned that I have to keep a positive attitude. I'm starting over a week later than everyone else in my 21 Day Fix group, and that's OKAY. Life happens. Sickness happens. Sometimes you eat a bad salad. But you learn to endure, and pick up where you left off afterward. One week of illness doesn't have to spell the end of your efforts. Instead, it can be a clean slate! Maybe you can even keep off those 4 pounds if you eat healthy enough, assuming it wasn't all water weight and/or muscle tone...

How about you? Do you battle negative thoughts too? What is your biggest battle in trying to live a healthy life?

Hapless but hopeful,

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