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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Man Brag Blog

Ok, so I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, and maybe you're even tired of hearing it. Just in case you didn't catch it:

I married an incredibly talented, handsome, loving, patient man of God.

I know what some of you are thinking, and no, he's not paying me to say that. It just so happens to be true. Some of you may be thinking, "Where can I find a man like that?" I'm afraid I have bad news for you, there are none like him. He's one of a kind. But you're probably tired of the sappy stuff, so without further ado, let's launch into the real reason we're here: this is my inaugural "Man Brag Blog." Every once in a while, I would like to take some time to brag on my husband and the things he's been doing, whether it's in our marriage, with our kid(s), or around our home. This first post focuses on several projects he's completed recently. Prepare to be impressed!

So you all know that home organization is one of my goals this year. Well, my husband has been finding little ways to support that. Basically, I find an idea I like on Pinterest, I show it to him, and some time later I have a finished product that is even better than the original Pinterest concept! Here are a couple of examples:

My jewelry organizer. He's going to stain the wood on the bottom necklace holder, but I was too excited to wait! There's duck fabric in each of the frames, and he cut a simple decorative aluminum sheet for the earring frame. Aren't they adorable?!

My pot lid organizer. 
Notice that it's solid wood and curves to match the lazy-Susan cabinet!

Finally, I wanted something to organize my family photos, with the option to change them out regularly if I want. He came up with this. To give you an idea of scale, the middle photos are 8x10s and most of the surrounding photos are 5x7s. It's made of solid wood, and I LOVE it!

Impressive, right?! That's just the beginning. He also made my adorable front porch welcome post from scratch, again from solid wood. He made the top to perfectly fit inside the base of a cute lantern I already had, and there would usually be a small sign hanging off the decorative knob towards the top. 

And finally (for now!), he refinished an antique barley twist lamp I originally bought for five pounds sterling at a British "junk" auction. I've been hanging onto it, believing there was beauty under all the messy, ugly, slathered on finish. It should come as no surprise by now that my husband was able to coax that beauty out, and I LOVE it! It practically glows, although I was unable to take a photo that shows it properly. And I'm still working on a lamp shade...

So, there you have it. My husband spoils me with his talents and dotes on me with his creativity. It's fitting that one of his top love languages is "acts of service," and two of his top spiritual gifts are "helping acts" and "generosity." He's wonderful. Just in case you were wondering, I was nowhere near fully aware of these talents when I married him. I knew he was ridiculously smart and creative, but I had no idea how beautifully those things could manifest themselves if I put an idea in his head and left him alone in the garage with power tools. I mean, WOW. 

He's currently working on a fantastic quilt hanger for our wedding quilt, among other things. I hope to post more updates like this later. I'm so proud of him, and so grateful for everything he does for us! Do you have any ideas like this? I'm trying to find creative ways to organize all kinds of things, like baby gear and craft supplies. Do you have any fun solutions? 

Hapless but hopeful,

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