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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Goal #3: Healthy Wife, Happy Life

Have you ever looked back at photos that you know you should cherish because of the memories they represent, and yet you're haunted by something? Maybe it's a terrible haircut, poor fashion choices, a weird acne breakout, or maybe, if you're like me, it's your weight. In 2012, I moved to Idaho and started the worst nightmare of a job I could've ever imagined. That hellish misery plunged me into depression which caused my weight to balloon. In 2013, I moved to California to be with my husband and I was simultaneously the happiest and the heaviest I had ever been. I deployed immediately following our wedding, during which time I worked out regularly but failed to lose weight. Shortly after returning home, I was pregnant with L. My weight continued to balloon from there until the scale reached numbers I never thought I would see. I needed to make some drastic changes!

I gave myself a grace period as it takes a lot of time, patience, and determination to adapt to being a Mommy! I started working out on my own and lost a portion of the "baby weight," but I seemed to plateau pretty quickly. I considered dieting, but I'm exclusively breastfeeding and was concerned about the possible impact to my milk supply. By August, I was frustrated - nay, exasperated - and ready to give up. I decided to accept the challenge of a friend on a whim and start the 21 Day Fix Program. It's been four rounds and I haven't looked back or slowed down. Here are the before and after photos (forgive the poor quality):
It's true that a lot of how you look in a photo depends on how you stand, the clothes you wear, etc. I assure you - there's just over 50 pounds difference between these photos! I'm thinner and healthier now, mentally and physically, than I have been in years. It's important that I pause here to clarify something: I know there's a movement to accept "all body types." I applaud the idea, but I think a dangerous message has become associated with this movement, which is this: that talking openly about obesity as a problem is wrong and cruel. Please hear me here - I am the last person to judge or look down on anyone for their weight as mine has and always will be a struggle. I know it's not easy, and I acknowledge that there are even some medical causes. To accept obesity, however, is to accept a very unhealthy and dangerous way of life. 

I refuse to accept obesity as my reality. 

I changed the way I approach food by studying nutrition and using the 21 Day Fix. I was able to break my addiction to sugar, lessen my caffeine dependency (I'm a Mommy, caffeine is here to stay...), and I started to make much healthier food choices. I combined the 21 Day Fix workouts with the PiYo program in order to accommodate some hip pain that lingers from my pregnancy. Here are my health and fitness goals going into 2016:
  1. Plan our meals every week. I will continue using the 21 Day Fix nutritional program. I plan to supplement with Shakeology and of course I will take my prenatal vitamins to guarantee that I am still getting proper nutrition while breastfeeding. Learn more about 21 Day Fix HERE.
  2. Follow the PiYo and 21 Day Fix workouts as much as possible. I know these will help increase my strength and flexibility. Learn more about PiYo HERE.
  3. Augment those workouts with specialized workouts that I have used before (from He & She Eat Clean in my home state of Georgia) and by swimming at least three times per week. 
  4. Set weight goals monthly and participate in my 21 Day Fix accountability group. Staying accountable, keeping track of my weight, and taking measurements regularly will help my stay focused. 
I won't do this forever, only until I meet my goals. I don't want to become obsessed with my weight or how toned I am; rather, I only aim to be as healthy as possible and to create healthy habits that I can pass on to my children. If I can instill healthy habits in my family, I will have succeeded! For more info on my health and fitness goals, or if you have questions about any of these programs, feel free to contact me. You can also find everything laid out in detail on my BeachBody profile HERE. A lot of people balk at the name of the company (BeachBody) because it seems to imply that the end goal should be to look amazing in a bikini. That is simply not true, and if you're willing to spend 21 days working on your health with me, I can prove it to you!

No matter what, I hope that you choose to live a healthy, happy life. Remember to love yourself and never cease to be amazed at the incredible, miraculous machine that God has given us to bear our souls while we're here on earth. I wish you every success and the best of health in 2016!

Hapless but hopeful,

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